• Research and write guides, manuals, screenplays, speeches, textbooks, specifications, and other non-journalistic articles (except materials for newspapers, magazines and periodicals) for publication or presentation;
  • Elaborate the product documentation, which should satisfy the applicable standards and the requirements of the audience;
  • In-depth understanding of both the characteristics of the product and the requirements of its documentation;
  • In-depth understanding of both the software product development process and the documentation requirements of this process;
  • Elaborate guidance documentation both for the use phase and for the preparation phase in order to use the product;
  • Elaborate easy-to-understand manuals and development guides, based on complex technical concepts and existing procedures.


  • Minimum 2 years on a position with similar attributions;
  • Researching and testing applications to obtain sufficient feedback that ensures the creation of user manuals;
  • Using video editor programs to process recorded tutorials;
  • Good diction for narrating tutorials;
  • Attention to details;
  • Synthesis and analysis capabilities.

About us

After almost two decades of helping international companies scale their business, we’ve decided to also

build our own future-oriented product. From Iasi to the world.

Yes, we can, but not without the energy of a great team of professionals.

The structure of our product team:

  1. Software Architect
  2. Back-End Developers (3 positions)
  3. Frontend Developer (1 position)
  4. Mobile Developers – 2 positions (iOS, Android)
  5. Tester (1 position)
  6. UI/UX Designer (1 position)
  7. Editor/Writer (1 position)

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