Working culture

Agile Working culture and environment

Agile stays as the foundation of our working culture. Here, at SABS, we believe in people’s ability to grow, to outstand, to develop new capabilities by taking various challenges in a positive work environment. We are client oriented, we have high demands on ourselves and our work and high quality stays at the heart of each action.

Agile methodology and processes


We commit to a learning and sharing culture. You'll expect to find answers at your colleagues but also to be challenged.

Standing agile we are staying close to our customers in a continuous collaboration. Customers are active components in this process. As part of a team we deliver each sprint value to business. We work together to set priorities. Customers do constantly see how projects are growing and by direct collaboration we tune together the small things that make the difference. Satisfaction and sense of fulfillment are come with each sprint.

Team is the core


Part of an agile team you share a part of ownership in the delivery process. There are not artificially created urgencies. Our teams are driven by responsibility and commitment. Management is part of the team, stands with the team, empowers and supports the team. We have an open culture where we share our knowledge, we work together, listen and push things to next level.



We always change and adopt new technologies. We asses, recommend and implement digitalization in our projects. We ensure the resources of time and material to train our teams and share the knowledge together.

Transparency, communication


We take customer with us in our team journey. We communicate all challenges and mitigate risks at early stage. We do so as we value transparency for long relationships.

High quality and demands


Because change is the only constant in today’s environment, we respond to our customers with the best products and services, that answers all their spoken and unspoken needs.



We focus on creating a great overall customer experience. The reliability of our products and services is paramount, because the customer’s operations depend on it and in doing what’s possible we achieve the impossible.