Automating Human Resources Processes in the Civil Engineering Industry

Business context

Companies operating in the civil engineering industry manage an extensive range of suppliers and contractors. Processing large amounts of HR-related data across various projects requires error-free and high-speed processes.

Our client’s long-term goal is to automate the human resources management process across an extended set of internal applications, with the support and collaboration of SABS team and our software business solutions.

Our approach

The first step towards accomplishing this goal was to develop a platform that provides the possibility to associate custom security roles to certain groups of users from the customer’s identity management solution. (e.g.: assigning an administrator role to a group or multiple groups of users).

The second step was to synchronize a 3rd party HR application managed by the HR department containing all employee data with the client’s AD. In this phase, our team included the possibility to create rules based on which users would be automatically assigned to one of the groups defined in the first step. For example, the client would create a rule based on which all users who are part of the Sales team and are assigned a Sales Manager role are automatically added to a group.

The next phase is to enhance the management of custom security roles across all the applications. This feature will facilitate the process of maintaining clear and well-defined security roles


  • Reduce workload for certain IT support roles;
  • Reduce the complexity of assigning roles to users;
  • Monitor the entire process through detailed logs;
  • Avoid human error;
  • Up-to-date database of users;
  • Reduce times for onboarding/ offboarding of employees for the IT support team.

Technologies used

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services
  • .Net, REACT
  • Microservices
  • SQL Databases
  • CI/CD (Azure DevOps)


  • Project manager
  • Software engineers
  • QA engineers
  • UI/ UX designer
  • DevOps engineer