Our SABS People: Alexandra Vasiliu, Project Manager

Author client
Published March 27, 2023

How did your journey at SABS start?

I started working as a Project Manager at SABS in 2021. It was both a challenge and a great opportunity, as I came from a team lead position in a company from a different industry than SABS (services delivery) and it took me some time to understand the software industry landscape. During this time, my colleagues have been incredibly supportive, and I am truly grateful for their help. What I’ve learned is that in this industry, like in other domains, the learning curve never ends.

What were some major challenges that you successfully overcome?

Looking back, we faced some difficult situations and challenging projects but managed to find the best solution in the end. However, one of the biggest ongoing challenges is staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends, best practices, and technology updates. This is important for both the quality of the applications we deliver and for our professional growth as individuals.

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