Opportunity for students from Iaşi: SABS and FEBA initiated a partnership

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Published December 09, 2022

The partnership is mostly dedicated to students with a marketing qualification

SABS, a Romanian company active for over 18 years in the IT services and products area, announces the partnership with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi. The students will be engaged in internships and software development processes through this agreement. The students from Marketing are mainly targeted now, and the collaboration will be extended to the Economic Informatics specialization.

The partnership started with a Q&A session on a SABS product – an app that aims to change the parental control paradigm. The session was dedicated to the students from the Master’s program “Marketing Analysis and Strategies” at FEAA.


“We intend to include in what we are developing the fresh input of students from Iasi, young people who are creative and involved. This is the main reason for taking this project among them. We will reward the ideas coming from the students and implement what they will provide us as a valid answer to our analysis”, explains Valentin Carnei, SABS founder and Project Manager of the application.


“Marketing is alive and dynamic, and a master’s program needs active, market-based resources to motivate and be attractive to its students. At SABS, we met an innovative project, but also the desire to involve our students directly in the post-launch promotion of the application. I would like to extend this type of partnership to other master programs too, for keeping our students connected to reality and creating for them attractive employment opportunities already during their studying period”, added PhD Lecturer Adrian Monoranu.

FEBA, part of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iaşi, has become recognized in the last 10 years for its involvement in the labor market and for the partnerships developed with large investors and companies operating locally and nationally. Through this collaboration, SABS joins the academic efforts to promote real values in the market and to encourage talents in different areas of study and activity.


“SABS is a growing business in which we want to involve as many local voices as possible, since we represent a brand born in Iași – the city from Moldova’s heart. The collaboration with the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration is the first step in this direction and we are convinced that it will create interesting prospects for students and considerable benefits for the company”, concluded Bogdan Ciobanu, SABS General Manager.


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