SABS Summer Internship 2021: Interview with Our Interns

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Published November 19, 2021

This summer we’ve had the pleasure to hold on-site the second edition of the SABS Internship. Ioana, Adrian, Tudor, Valeriu, and Gavrilă were the protagonists of this edition, together with Marian and Iosif, their mentors. After this unique experience, we all ended up with amazing memories and new colleagues who decided to continue the SABS adventure.

Our interns had to develop an internal application, with multiple functionalities. The focus was on involving them in as many aspects of building an application as possible, to allow them to discover what they enjoyed most and the things that needed improvement.

In the euphoria of the last day of the internship, we interviewed our interns to hear more about their experience. Here’s a sneak peek of the discussion:

1. In a few words, how would you describe your internship in SABS?

Valeriu: A lot of new things.

Tudor: Team, learning, and amusement.

Ioana: Encouraging, captivating, and continuous learning.

Adrian: New things every day.

Gavrilă: Unique, interesting, challenging.

2. What’s the one word/expression/sentence you used most during this internship?

Valeriu: On it!

Tudor: Let’s have some coffee!

Ioana: Can I have your approval?

Adrian: Where is this bug coming from?

Gavrilă: How can I do this in Angular/.Net?

3. What was the best part of being an intern at SABS?

Valeriu: The mentors.

Tudor: I gathered a lot of experience, working close to a team of awesome people. I feel that we have been perfectly integrated into the SABS family and that the internship helped us all grow.

Ioana: I received help when in trouble, and not only from our mentors. Everyone was willing to help.

Adrian: I learned a lot of new things and managed to cover some gaps from the faculty.

Gavrilă: I had the opportunity to be part of an on-site internship, better understand the company, and get to know almost everyone.

SABS Internship 2021

4. How would you describe your mentors?

Valeriu & Tudor: They were very patient and involved. I think they can handle any type of mentoring activity within the company.

Ioana: I appreciated their patience and focus on making sure we end up with something, no matter the assignment. When in need of help, they would ask logical questions to help us discover the answer by ourselves. Moreover, we had the opportunity to get familiarized with agile software development and we were involved in all SCRUM ceremonies, from daily meetings to retrospectives.

Adrian: They inspired us; I can say that they are true role models.

Gavrilă: A big 10 for both. The relationship wasn’t built just at the professional level, mentor-mentee, which helped greatly in getting easier accustomed to everything.

5. What are the most important “upgrades” when it comes to your professional development during this internship?

Valeriu: The internship helped me realize that I can easily adapt to a working environment. The fact that I was Scrum Master helped me develop my soft skills. I have never worked in .NET, Angular, never used Git or any kind of platform where you do Pull Requests, Code Reviews, Merge, and so on. Overall, the internship helped me realize that I can adapt easily, especially when taking into account the fact that almost 90% of everything I did and was involved in was a total novelty to me.

Tudor: I learned how to work in a team dedicated to a specific project. On a personal level, I learned how to communicate more efficiently and bring up all the issues that I encounter on certain assignments and take responsibility for the code that I write. Of great help was merging what I did with my colleagues’s work and writing code that follows the Coding Convention.

Ioana: From not knowing .NET or working on Back-End, I had a serious upgrade in understanding what is going on in the application we were developing.

Adrian: I succeeded in growing and developing my skills on Back-End and when it comes to JavaScript and Angular, I can say that I got from zero to hero.

Gavrilă: I gathered solid experience in everything that implies teamwork, on a common project. On the information level, I acquired a serious amount of knowledge on Back-End (.NET Core) and Front-End (Angular).