Our SABS People: Renato Ciocodei, Support Engineer

Author client
Published May 02, 2023

How did your journey at SABS start?

I joined SABS in 2019 as Support Engineer for one of our biggest clients. For two years I worked directly with our UK-based client’s team, assisting them in providing end-user support for SABS-developed SharePoint apps.

As time passed by my role slowly shifted, currently being a member of SABS’ IT Team, responsible with Internal Support, System Administration, and Security.

What were some major challenges that you successfully overcome?

One of the biggest challenges – which is a never-ending job – is Information Security. Among other ISO certifications, SABS is ISO 27001 & ISO 27017 certified, and together with my colleagues, we must make sure we keep the system safe by continuously improving our skills and tools.

Why do you like working at SABS?

Before joining the team, I worked in multinational corporations, and I enjoyed the experience as it helped me develop professionally. But SABS offers you more than that: flexibility, great people and a family-like vibe, opportunities to develop different skills, and the feeling that you really contribute to growing the business. I’m really happy to be part of it!

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