Our SABS People: Diana Amitroaei

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Published May 08, 2023

How did your journey at SABS start?

I joined SABS Innovation, a subsidiary of SABS, as a senior iOS developer just over a year ago. I was attracted by the opportunity to work on a parental control project in a completely new field. However, what really stood out about the company was the chance to build something challenging from scratch, with a team that I connected to immediately during the interview process. With experience working both as a backend and iOS developer in various startups and multi-year projects, I felt confident in my ability to bring value to the project.

One of the things that I appreciate most about SABS is the company’s ability to blend the structure and organization of larger corporations with the agility and flexibility typically found in smaller companies. It’s refreshing to work in an environment that values efficiency and adaptability equally. As part of my role, I’m also involved in the iOS recruitment process, which allows me to build the dream team, which is a huge benefit.

What were some major challenges that you successfully overcome?

Starting and developing a parental control project for iOS devices was a real challenge. There were various uncharted territories, especially in choosing the right approaches to tackle the tasks effectively. For example, we had to weigh the feasibility of using Mobile Device Management (MDM) versus FamilyControls API, determine the best way to monitor and restrict web traffic, and figure out how to block certain apps during specific times, all in the privacy-oriented Apple environment. I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow professionally, to go beyond mostly CRUD applications. I feel proud to contribute to the development of a product that helps families keep their children safer online.

Why do you like working at SABS?

I appreciate SABS as an excellent career choice in the IT industry, with a company culture that evolved naturally from within. SABS encourages and supports its employees to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends. Despite being a geographically diverse team, we work collaboratively, support each other, and share our knowledge to consistently deliver high-quality projects. This cooperative environment has made SABS an enjoyable place to work and helped me advance my career.

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