Our SABS People: Anca Hertug

Author client
Published May 14, 2023

How did your journey at SABS start?

I began my career at SABS and in the IT industry five years ago, as SQL Report Developer. I was surrounded by people with excellent technical skills and with myself being highly motivated to improve my knowledge and communication, I began to work on different projects using a mix of technologies. During all these years, SABS invested very much in my learning and development and encouraged me to take on new roles and responsibilities.

I find working in the software industry to be rewarding, allowing me to learn new skills every day and use them to create innovative projects.

What were some major challenges that you successfully overcome?

One of the biggest professional challenges I’ve faced was after around two years in the company when I was allocated to a new team and involved in a project that implemented a totally new technology. However difficult it was in the beginning, the experience taught me a lot in terms of communication and problem-solving. I learned how to think quickly and empathize with clients in order to deliver the best solutions and most satisfying end results.

Why do you like working at SABS?

During my SABS journey, I’ve seen myself grow professionally. I’m glad to be part of a team that values and actively seeks every employee’s point of view and offers a flexible and collaborative workplace.

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