Our SABS People: Vladut Diaconu

Author client
Published May 23, 2023

How did your journey at SABS start?

I started my journey at SABS in March 2014 after spending a couple of years in the automotive industry. A friend recommended the company to me, and I took the leap by sending an email. At that time, the process was different, with face-to-face discussions and problem-solving exercises.

My path has been unique, just like everyone else’s. It began by working with legacy code, but with the support of my colleagues, I have grown and discovered new projects. Although I have worked with different teammates over the years, I have always had someone to turn to for help.

What were some major challenges that you successfully overcome?

Challenges are inevitable, but I have learned that with determination and the right priorities, one can overcome many obstacles, especially technical ones. As someone who has been with the company for a while, I have witnessed various situations and seen many faces come and go. However, whenever there was doubt or confusion, I found that the simplest answers were always within reach.


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